​​​​​​​Purpose of the Assignment: You will imagine a product, service, or application that arises from our class-discussions and push it to an extreme, coming up with a way for us to experience what the social and commercial implications of that object/service will be 10years from now, in 2030. This is not science-fiction for the sake of entertainment –this is engaging in a future-scenario you build in order to shed light on the current state of affairs. Remember, 10-years doesn’t put you in the realm of flying cars, general AI, or interstellar travel–recall (or research) what we predicted 10years in the past(in 2010), and use our accuracy and mistakes as a guide. The signals and basic technology for the internet, for mobile devices, for changes in the music industry, for changes to privacy and other challenges we face today were all present 10 years ago. As William Gibson says, “the future is already here, it just isn’t evenly distributed yet”.
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