Hello and Welcome to my website! Here is a short biography about me. 
In 2020, I graduated with a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Journalism at Mount Royal University. In journalism, I love to tell and show other individuals' stories through various means of mediums. As a storyteller, I created and delivered honest and thoughtful stories. I strive to give a voice to the voiceless and provide information and understanding through her stories. Throughout the journalism program, I developed several stories and projects ranging from a profile piece on how an individual with ADHD works in an academic setting to a seven-minute documentary video on cybercrime. The program allowed me to develop the following skills:
- Researching, developing and writing news stories
- Producing various multimedia content such as audio, podcasts, and videos
- Creating original and intricate graphic designs
- Photography
In 2021, I graduated with my Master’s degree in Digital Media from Ryerson University. For the first time in my life, I moved to Toronto in the middle of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. While living in Toronto, I got to experience what it was like to live away from home. Throughout this program, I learned coding, redesigned an already established website, started a theoretical start-up company through entrepreneurism, and so much more. This program enhanced the skills that I previously developed from my bachelor's degree. 
Recently, I have been a part of Venture for Canada’s (VFC) Fellowship Program 2022 cohort. This is a competitive program where selected fellows enhance their entrepreneurial training, networking, and skills to accelerate their career opportunities. VFC organized an intensive three-week in-person training Bootcamp giving you career-specific training in Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Customer Success, among other essential lifelong career advice.
I was a Digital Marketing Specialist and Stroke Scientific Communications Coordinator at Let’s Get Proof. Let’s Get Proof is a medical research crowdfunding and collaboration platform for researchers, funders, and the general public can contribute to meaningful research. This is where I co-developed and co-managed the non-profit’s digital marketing strategies, including overseeing the organization’s social media, email campaigns, and newsletter initiatives.
Currently, I started M.S. Digital Consulting, a freelance company where I am a Digital Media Consultant. I can assist anyone with communications, public relations, digital marketing, and social media planning and strategies. Also, I can help with branding and marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, and website design and construction.
Outside of being a certified B.Comm and MDM, I love entertainment, sports, cosmetic beauty, travelling and current events. I enjoy meeting new people from all walks of life. Throughout anything I do, whether personal or professional, I love learning as it allows me to grow as a person. 

I have been featured in several publications. Read them by clicking the links below:
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If you have any questions or want more information on my work, don’t hesitate to contact me by email at mollie.smith8787@gmail.com or by cell at 403-921-6657. I would be happy to provide references upon request. 
Let’s connect.
- Mollie
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